Fantasy world of kdrama

I am not ashamed to admit that I’m addict to k drama( South Korean drama)! I am from India and my first drama was Emperor of the sea translated in in Hindi, which used to air on our national channel and then someday while surfing through channels I found out drama bodyguard  on KBS world thanks to Song il gook and now I’m fan of his triplets sons Daehan,Minguk,Manse ! From drama Sassy Girl Chunhyang I actually became real kdrama lover. Then Boys Before Flower my all time favourite drama!( still can’t forget Lee Min Ho crazily in love) in those days, that is from 2007 to 2012 there was not access this evolutionary term called internet, but when I got access to it I honestly became kdrama addict!

I have watched so many dramas mostly rom-com genre, then suspense, family dramas but what makes me mesmemerized is fantasy genre of the kdrama. So let’s talk about it. My first fantasy drama was My Girlfriend is Gumiho, Shin minah and Lee Sung gi were lead actors in it. 

What I love about fantasy Kdrama is it’s Frankenstein syndrome, now you will wonder what is Frankenstein syndrome well to explain, when monster in Frankenstein was hiding from humans in a hut,where there was Swedish family living,he observers them their relationships, love between them and he becomes envious or desirous towards having family like them and especially the characters he sees are lovers! Later on he urges and then threatens Victor that he wanted to have family, female species of his race to love and create one for him! Later part apart. But here in this drama too Gumiho(like werewolf) which considered as horrific supernatural creature or like ghost shown as human friendly and earlier misunderstud by people that it eats human leaver! So Gumiho’s character which is extremely beautiful enjoys everything from human world from soda to yummy meat! She began to fall in love with male character who is human being, squee! Then how she helps male lead to achieve his dream of being action hero. But there are many obstacles to overcome to get them together or happy ending. Well if you want to see what happens next you must watch the drama, I am suggesting some websites here,, where you can watch them free and download them too.

Now let’s come to second one Rooftop Prince, now it’s little dilemma that in which category I should include the drama fantasy or sci-do cause it’s about time travel. But for me it’s fantasy drama and too much hilarious on the top of it! 

I must give 10/10 for the writer for creating these confusing situations. Drama starring park yoochun,Han Ji Min Storyline of the drama is Prince of the joeson ( joeson dynasty of Korean history) and his associates suddenly time travels in current period that is 2009 while invastigating his wife’s death and then how they end up in heroine’s rooftop place and then how they get mesmerized and confuse about things in future. The other three characters are also handsome! I would like to mention some hilarious scenes where they watch TV and misunderstud that arrow coming towards them and how the things of modern technology scares them, speaking doll and electric cooker and how they turn place on fire just hilarious, I really lough out loud while watching this scene. Another one where they try to change clothes in elevator and after learning smartphone, in shop how Park Yoo chun try to zoom in picture from telivision( huge lol!). In plot male lead finds crown princess, his wife in future too but how does he find his actual true love is something to look out in this drama. Again I will recommend above websites to watch it and Viki or Dramafever.
Third one in my favourite is My love from another star, if you love to Lough out loud you must see this drama! 
In this drama alien played by Kim soo hyun living from 400 hundred years in Korea falls in love with character of Song yi played by jun  jihyun, the actress is excellent! The female lead is top actress in drama, arrogant, somewhat fool, yet innocent and our man from another star who never get involved in human’s matter and about to leave to his planet in few months how falls in love with crazy song yi and how from being professor he becomes her manager to her rescuer.The villain is also so powerful here, who at some point strongly fight against hero. Actress Jun jihyun has played extremely funny and endearing character of song-yi. This is must watch fantasy drama if you love fantasy.

The next one is drama by heartthrob Lee Min Ho and again charismatic Jun Jihyun Legend of the blue sea, drama based on the story we all know ‘Little Mermaid’ Mermaid who falls in love with human being and come to earth following him. She meets him in Spain and comes to seol by swimming ocean. 

This Mermaid has one special power alongside her tears become pearls that is when she touches humans she can erase their memory. The story further becomes interesting as this is not only their love in this lifetime but in previous lifetime they loved each other and how villainous characters try to separate them and they overcome every thwart, story with lots of suspense and love. For Lee Min Ho’s fans you will fall in love again guys!
Next one is Gu Family Book, with now in reverse situation of My Girlfriend is Gumiho, Lee Sung Gi is Gumiho here. 

In this story two generations of Gumiho effort to achieve human love. First Wol ryung, played by Choi Jin Hyuk who is Gumiho living in forest fall in love with human girl, girl also fall in love with him too, but thinking of him as human, unknown that he is Gumiho. And when it reveals she left him, to let him become victim of humans. She has then child whom she abandoned in fear, who is drama’s main lead half human,half Gumiho, brought up by human and unknown of his own identity. Then how later on things turn out and thanks to his love towards human female, character played by Suzy (if you are KPOP fan) he proves himself that he is not monster harmful to humans, how he fights with himself , his father’s evil version and extremely treacherous villain, the drama has somewhat bittersweet ending.

Besides these dramas recently aired The Best Hit,Bride of water God,Goblin,Manhole,reunited worlds, circle so many of them. If you are looking for fantasy with hilarious comedy as well as sad emotional scenes you must watch this dramas!


Creativity and beautiful  visualization in Bollywood songs!

I born in India so it is natural to grow up watching bollywood movies and most of the time Bollywood songs! The songs in the movies is like heart of the movie, sometimes it is related to plot, many times it’s not! At childhood we used to watch most of songs on television than movies cause we couldn’t afford theatre and movies on doordarshan(indian national telivision free air channel) were limited only on Friday and Saturday! Can you believe it? So the popular shows were Rangoli and Chitrahar! Programmes with same songs again and again still we used to watch it again and again even though it sound hilarious! But in past it was always good to listen them repeatedly.

As I am from Maharashtra,state in India, I used to watch Marathi(regional) movies with songs in it as in Hindi movies, hence naturally or by default you can say I began to believe that songs are inseparable part of movies until I explore the world of Hollywood movies, where at first I remember watching Metrix, well I thought what’s wrong with it? Why there is no song man! And then the realization struck me that it’s only in India we include songs in movies! Too late isn’t it ( I am from rural part of India where we recently get 2g network) Another thing I used to wonder abou these songs that how can they change clothes too fast and travel from one place to another so fast, (my childhood curiosity)!

Well nowadays they mostly use songs for promotion of the movies which we don’t understand at all! People only love loud and ear cracking music. Punjabi rapper I don’t really understand why do they love alcohol and those luxury cars and crazy background dancers, gaudy accessories and less cloths. On this note I watched some of the hilarious videos of Bollywood’s worst songs which you guys must watch. 

Bollywood’s worst songs

There is more to discuss on earlier issue I would say but in this article I would like to write about what amazed me about Bollywood songs from childhood to now, that is the Bollywood songs amazing,innovative,creative exhibition of the location and sceneries which are treat to eyes. Even though sometimes I think the innovation, creativity and last but not least the expense on these songs if would have been utilized in the story or the script of the movies, then the movies would have been on some other level. But I need to acknowledge that songs in Bollywood movies are something else. 

So let me begin with the recent mind boggling song I have watched ‘Gerua‘ from movie ‘dilwale‘ magical lyrics along with more magical scenery!!!! When I first watched the song, well many of you guys must be agree with me who thought these were special effects, or CGI but in reality they are real locations it is hard to believe but it’s truth, which is explained in making of song. Bollywood movies have kind of old tradition to present the songs with best scenery world has! I didn’t actually know but it started from the era of Dev Anand and Raj Kapoor, that is in 1970 perhaps! Remember those songs from Heera Panna and love in Paris my most favourite is ‘Kancha re kancha’ from Kathmandu’s beautiful picturisation of woollen places and all. Then there is song which aptly explores the lyrics written in song itself, that is ‘yeh haseen vadiyan yeh khula asman‘ composed by A.R.Rehman which has depicted or visualized the same thingz written in lyrics. You will experience if you watch the song. Then ‘chhaiyya chhaiyya‘ masterpiece! Who would think of making song on the train and not only song but dance too who would think about this amazing idea,only Farah Khan! recently I watched again in world of YouTube the reactions of some American  YouTubers and some England’s  YouTubers and they were really awed by it! Here are the videos and there link I enjoyed there point of view and especially when they keep asking where are these places they want to visit them.(  ) if you would like to watch.

Shah rukh khan, known as king of Bollywood, most of his songs are exceptional when he collaborated with yash Chopra,Karan Johar( director) and many more. I will mention which are my favourite for it’s scenery and creativity ‘gerua‘ mentioned earlier then ‘Yeh Dil‘ from movie Pardes. Then Dil se, Jiya Jale from Dil se and chhaiyya  chhaiyya of course created benchmark in Bollywood songs history! After watching songs from DDLJ, Kuch Kuch hota hai,Mohabbatein etc and list goes on and then I realized why they release songs before the movie or for the promotion of the movie in India.

Recently the songs which have awed me are ‘deewani‘ from movie Bajirao Mastani such a beautiful visualization! Way beyond imagination. ‘Galiyan‘ from ‘ek villain‘ the places they visit or show are the places you want to visit. Another superstar of Bollywood is Hritik Roshan, do you guys know he even has recieved special award from New Zealand tourism because of his film kaho na pyar hai in which there is beautiful picturization of New Zealand’s beautiful places.  watch these songs ‘keun chalati hain pavan‘ ‘kaho na pyar hain‘ , ‘Meherbaan‘ from ‘Bang Bang‘.There are so many songs which have been picturising these beautiful places from India and other countries which are just beautiful! 

The next element of innovation or creativity songs in which hero and heroine dancing in snow and unbelievably in sari and thin layered clothes in songs like ‘tuzhe dekha to yeh jana sanam‘, hamko ham hi se chura lo.Actresses in sari danced in these songs and I loved how Anushka and ranbeer have shown us the reality of snow songs in Ae Dil hain mushkil ! Songs in rain are like peak of romance in Bollywood for instance ‘tip tip  barasa pani’  nowadays Shraddha Kapoor‘s songs such as chham Chaam and ‘baarish‘ and Ashiqui she enjoys rain so much that no one can!

But all these efforts in these hostile situations with great expense when presented on screen songs are just amazing to watch! Whenever we watched it, it’s different experience you feel. But I really wondered every time I watched it how much money they spent on the songs only!Jokes apart, it is such a rich convention of Indian cinema which always entertained it’s audience!

Picturisation of women in Middle ages,Classical and restoration literature.

From Geoffrey Chaucer’s ‘The Canterbury Tales’ to William wycherley’s ‘The Country Wife’ women had been presented as beings who focused on outer appearances, gossip lover and manipulative when it comes to sexual relationships.

Let’s have insight into character of wife of bath,presented in ‘The Canterbury Tales’ by Geoffrey Chaucer. The wife of bath is woman who has five husbands, the clothes and accessory she has worn indicates her admiration for lavishness. Then her crude way to use sexual desires of her husbands for her materialistic benefits. Even her tale where she states men should follow their wives or lovers opinion is again reflects her manipulative ways to keep under control her husbands. In this satire Geoffrey Chaucer has satirized beurocrats, authorities of religion ,authorities from court but through character of wife of bath and prioress he depicts how the women of his contemporary era were only focused on extravagant outer appearance and had conniving nature when it comes to men and they possess less intellect.

The another poetry, again quite in genre resembles to satire, that is mock epic by Alexander Pope , ‘The Rape Of The Lock’. The name of the poem itself indicates mockery. In this poem Belinda the main character is pure and always on guard by sylphs and minor God to save her chastity or virginity. Belinda’s way of dressing is again described as “joy in gilded Chariots” which interprets excessive effort to excellence her outer appearance to impress her suiters , contrast to protect her chastity , her affection for card games is also symbol of profusion. The latter part of the poem depicts the incident of protecting honour of Belinda by Ariel and sylph. These minor Gods try their utmost to protect the chastity of Belinda in ball, but eventually the most contradictory situation occurs where Ariel couldn’t protect her because when he was trying to get access in her brain he found out was ‘an earthly lover lurking at her heart.’ That is the reason minor Gods couldn’t protect her honour. This is poem from eighteenth century, where Pope has portrayed womens superficial quest to look beutiful, protecting chastity was like crucial for them but what is contrast is their inner desire for best suiter and sexual desire. In his other works Pope has also criticized his contemporary period’s women’s obsession over looking beautiful even though the cosmetic products or accessories were unhealthy or harmfull for them they utilized it to look beautiful and young. 

The further era was restoration in English literature in which again women had been presented with same mindset. ‘The Country Wife’ play by William wycherley ,it satirizes the society’s ways of living lavishly but in layer of hyppocracy where they didn’t have values and quest for all the unethical things. The women characters presented in the play are Lady Fidget, Dainty Fidget,Mrs.squeamish, Margery Pinchwife and Alithea all of these characters except Alithea are ladies from the families of aristocratic class, that is,higher class. Outwardly they exhibit etiquettes and virtues but inwardly they fall for the trick of Horner and had sexual relationship with him. What is one different thing we find here is some men shown in the drama are fool and ladies are lewd. Women have been presented as superficially excellent that is their outward appearances and how they are dumb to realise scheme of Horner and easily fall for it.

The participation of women in literature or intellectual activities is less as they had no right of education. The human being follow the norms and traditions set by society as it has been unwritten law or requirement that woman should be beautiful and that’s what these woman are striving to follow here, their desire for love or sexual relationship was also strictly determined by society hence they were following their wishes through secret or in perception of society unethical ways. But what we do except from today’s women is to show that we are educated and now have same rights so instead of being trapped  in criteria of beauty and sexual object we need to prove ourselves with our talent!

Ulysses through Tennyson

There are lots of work in literature based on character of Ulysses, a legend character from Greek epic ‘Iliad’ but the most endearing is one I find in Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem ‘Ulysses’. The poem, genre of literature I do not find to much of my interest but still this poem en lights inspiration as well encouragement in me. The poem begins with speakers declaration of boredom in his tedious life of The King, in which he finds himself confined.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ‘little profits……………….                                                                                                                 By this still hearth, among these barren crags,’

He is bound by the duties of the King to rule the people by feeding poor and punishing criminals but these worldly duties does not amuse Ulysses as  he lingers upon his adventures life style he experienced in his travel during the war. (the Trojan war) . His quest to travel has been craftily composed by  Tennyson in following lines,

‘I cannot rest from travel: I will drink                                                                                               Life to the lees:

He further states how he had encountered different places, different cultures, different people in this travel. And as a soldier he achieved fame, therefore was treated very respectively for being a warrior and he enjoyed it all.According to him to breath is not life but always to search for something new.Once again the luring quest summed up beautifully by the poet in following lines,

‘And this gray spirit yearning in desire,                                                                                          To follow knowledge like a sinking star,                                                                                        Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

At this stage he feels convenient to leave as his son Telemachus , is well capable of performing his duty as the King. Ulysses trusts Telemachus will rule very efficiently. The last section of the poem attracts readers more as he expresses his quest to travel somewhere beyond their imagination , he sees his vessel is ready to leave for the voyage with his old mariners (referring to his companions in war). They have witnessed hostile as well as optimistic situations, ‘the thunder and the sunshine’ together.Now even though he and his companions have become old he believes they have old age’s ‘honor and toil’. Death is nearby ‘will closes all’ but he still thinks there is much more left to explore.Following lines by Tennyson excel Ulysses’s never dying spirit,where beautiful imagery of moon urges him,

‘come, my  friends,                                                                                                                                ‘T is not too late to seek a newer world.’

Ulysses wants to sail beyond the sunset, there might be possibility that they will be washed down (unsuccessful) but still he wants to travel ‘until he dies’. The brighter possibility is that they might reach to ‘happy isle’ where they would be able to see the great Achilles.

Eventually like the great motivational and inspirational leader Ulysses is, he motivates his crew or friends by saying even though they are now old and weak their will is strong to try , to find, to seek but they will not ever give up. The last lines are highlight of the poem.

‘One equal temper of heroic hearts,                                                                                                 Made weak by the time and fate,but strong in will                                                                       To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

The poem gives us motivation never to say its late or never give up we must strive hard to achieve goals and experiencing new things in life.

who’s responsible?

While teaching English to 11th class, syllabus of State of Maharashtra I did come across very interesting chapter  named ‘Jamun Tree’ by Krishan Chander, the topic revolves around irresponsible or indifferent bureaucracy of india. The jamun tree falls in the lawn of the secretariat and people discovers that there was man under it. As mostly, we evident these kind of situations, crowd gather there, some people even try to remove the man trapped under the tree who’s alive.And we get insight into the work of beuocracy through further events.

The writer depicts his craft to present the situation vividly through satire.the men who were trying to assist the man getting out from under the tree were hesitated by chain of bureaucratic officials, first of all they needed permission from  under secretary, under Secretary to the deputy secretary and next, the higher authority of that department that is minister and as we anticipated they said the issue comes under agriculture department. These efforts take half a day, the next day there was rediculus reply from horticulture department according to which tree will not be cut, hence men on the spot decide to cut the man in two parts as he can be joined through plastic surgery! Then again the cycle begin report was sent to medical department, plastic surgeon comes there according to his report surgery will be successful but the only snag was patient may die!

Now it was the turn of agriculture department which states that lawn is of the industrial department. Industrial department handles the responsibility to horticulture department as it was fruit tree , which take whole day. Police as usual comes there but to chase crowd away. Then accidentally, they come to know that the man is poet, so poets come there ,even make him member of Sahitya Acadamy but do not remove him from under the tree. he was offered stipend for his family but they  can not remove him from under the tree. The issue then goes to forest department, which is again unable to take decisions, and the last authority  was prime minister , who allows the tree to be cut but the man under the tree was already dead by then.

The writer gives us very vivid presentation of how Indian bureaucracy is insensitive and indifferent towards human life for who’s welfare these departments are made for. The roads have pits and poor condition of travel who’s responsible for the accidents and the people got killed in them? construction department, traffic, suppliers of raw materials  corruption MP, MLA? Bridges constructed during British rule swept in floods numbers of people were dead,  who’s responsible? Buildings crumbles down made recently  so and so numbered people were dead who’s responsible? There are so many such issues for which the common people just lingered upon who’s responsible? The answers from authorities instigation is process , you will receive companionship  the unending process for common people!